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But by October that year, friends were claiming Samra had been sickened by the brutality she witnessed and wanted to come home.Then in December last year, a UN terrorism official said one girl, thought to be Sabina, was killed in fighting while the other “disappeared”.It lists 15 rulings, which go into explicit detail prohibiting intercourse if a slave is menstruating or is pregnant, and banning forced abortions.Many of the injunctions deal with rape within families, or the “sharing” of a slave’s children.Isis, also known as the Islamic State and Daesh, issued guidelines to its fighters last year attempting to justify the taking of non-Muslim women as sex slaves under Islamic law and even released a “price list” for the women, who have been sold for as little as a packet of cigarettes.Isis has released a fatwa detailing how and when its fighters can rape female sex slaves – “one of the inevitable consequences of jihad”.The document, drawn up by the terrorist group’s “Committee of Research and Fatwas”, was revealed by Reuters news agency after being discovered among a huge trove of documents seized by US special forces in Syria.It is one of many self-proclaimed rulings Isis has made to enforce its interpretation of Islamic law, with others governing the treatment of “infidels” and revenue streams from stolen oil and antiquities.

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Samra Kesinovic, 17, is believed to have died at some point last year, just months after reaching the group’s territories in Syria.A judge told Human Rights Watch researchers that the committee gathering evidence has subsequently stopped using the examinations and that a new reporting method has been adopted by the health directorate in Dohuk, based on UN recommendations.