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Especially when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene, feeling well, and being confident about our bodies during and after breast cancer.

I’m tackling these delicate issues within Think Pink, Live Green, because the personal care products we use can be absorbed into our bodies and potentially affect how breast cells grow, function, and behave. Rather than make this a monologue — which would be rather dull, since I have only one vagina and it’s not particularly fascinating these days — I thought it would be better to kick up this how-to-take-care-of-your-vagina discussion as a and make it a group conversation.

Regardless of how happy your vagina may be, if your vulva is upset with itching or burning — not going to be happy.

His powerful Eighties anthems, White Wedding and Rebel Yell (both top ten hits in the UK) and U. No 1 Mony Mony made Billy Idol a rich, famous yet troubled man ‘hopelessly divided between the dark and the good’.‘I’ve made some awful decisions in my life,’ he says, the gentle growl of a voice still firmly south London with just a hint of posh plum, occasionally giving way to a rasping laugh that would make any pirate proud.