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08-Mar-2016 12:50

Girl says I want to sleep in your bed but you have to promise me you won’t try anything.Man, at that point all I hear is “I want to sleep in your bed”. One, you don’t shake her hand and she doesn’t sleep in your bed.But talk smooth and who knows, she might initiate something.In other words, the odds are far better for you to get some action from her if she is in your bed than if she is not.

I immediately started along the much-touted path of societal prudence: get a job, get a mortgage, buy lots of things, save for your retirement.

May I suggest they stick the Roshi in a corner, shove sticks of incense into his fists, and hope people mistake him for a sculpture of the Buddha, the one who kept his prick under his robes.

If you haven’t noticed, I find this whole thing amusing.

As the founder of the Ars Amorata philosophy — a celebration of the art of seduction and the rebirth of romance — and a co-founder of the Amorati network of men, Zan is one of the most original and insightful voices on relationships and seduction in the world today.

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After ten years of writing, Zan released his first book, What was your childhood like, and how did it shape who you are today? In fact, I lived in log cabins with no electricity or running water for most of my teens.

When one woman complained that Sasaki instructed her to massage his penis, she got little comfort from her Zen companions. ) that includes timeless and highly effective lines like “you need to feel my dick to feel your bliss” and the Old Skool Klassic “No, that’s not a prayer wheel in my kimono, I’m just happy to see you.” In this photo of a card sent to Sasaki from his student, Leonard Cohen, it appears the student knows what the teacher likes: Sasaki is 105 years old and is growing too feeble to get his grope on.